Central Island

What Matters in Central Island

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Your central island community needs you now more than ever. 





Together, We're Building Stronger Communities

 A thriving community is one where people feel supported and connected; it's a place where everyone has the chance to live with dignity, find joy, and succeed. When we help people support themselves, we lift up our entire community.


Collecting data is essential to drive solutions. In Central Island, you helped us fund the Nanaimo Vital Signs report to help shape and support better community solutions

Together, we are supporting the awareness of homelessness issues in Nanaimo through communications work and helping the community understand the homelessness situation through the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition.

Through the COVID-19 crisis this spring, we worked with municipalities, community foundations and provincial/federal ministries to use data and feedback from funded agencies to target funds locally to help the most vulnerable in your community.

We helped conduct a Point-in-Time homeless count in Nanaimo, interviewing and surveying local people experiencing homelessness. The report will inform United Way grants, other local non-profits, and policymakers.

We are supporting the research and development phase of a Coordinated Access System for Nanaimo to understand what has worked in other communities and researching the best solutions that will help the more than 400 people experiencing homelessness in Nanaimo.

YOU Fund 40 Programs

Your donations are helping 10267 people across the Central Island this year.

Overcoming Poverty


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  • Supportive Housing Programs

  • Cold Weather Shelter

  • Indigenous Housing Support

  • Homelessness Advocacy & Outreach

  • Restorative Justice

  • Emergency Dental Services

  • Mental Illness Support

Successful Youth
(Middle Years 7 - 24)

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  • Mentoring Children

  • Summer Camps

  • Family, Teen, & Youth Centres

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Counselling & Suicide Prevention

  • Dads’ Drop-in

  • Literacy Programs

  • Food Support Programs

  • Grandparent Support

  • Developmental Disabilities Support

  • Multicultural Programs

Strong Communities


2018 Nanaimo Community Kitchens Mike and Robin - circle.png
  • Grief & Crisis Counselling

  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding

  • Healthy Cooking & Meal Programs

  • Mentoring Survivors

  • Adult Literacy Program

  • bc 211 Referral Service