Central Island

What Matters in Central Island

  • Homelessness has nearly doubled in Nanaimo: 174 to 335 people between 2016-2018. 

  • Unaffordable rent is the #1 challenge in finding housing.

  • 1,424 people in Nanaimo are injection drug users; fatality rates are 50% higher than the rest of BC.


Together, We're Building Stronger Communities

 A thriving community is one where people feel supported and connected; it's a place where everyone has the chance to live with dignity, find joy, and succeed. When we help people support themselves, we lift up our entire community.


We are working with the Oceanside Task Force On Homelessness to create a community without homelessness, through projects like supportive housing and advocacy to reduce stigma around homelessness.

The Coalition is a table of community agencies who come together to move the dial on homelessness in Nanaimo. Together, the Coalition helped form the Nanaimo Strategy on Homelessness, approved by the City of Nanaimo in 2018. The Coalition is also the community advisory board that makes funding decisions on federal Reaching Home investments, such as transitional housing for Indigenous young mothers and a Housing First project to match the chronically homeless with appropriate housing and supports.

Nanaimo’s new community-wide health network is working to accelerate action on key issues that impact the overall health and well-being of our residents; such as poverty, employment, social support, mental health, literacy, and child development. The Network is made-up of agencies, organizations, decision makers and front line workers who are coming together to make our community a better place to live, work, learn and play.

To take the temperature on Nanaimo's health we'll be supporting a new Vital Signs report this fall. Vital Signs is a community check-up to measure Nanaimo's vitality by collecting and analyzing data on a wide range of issues that impact us. The last Vital Signs report for Nanaimo was completed in 2015.

We are assisting by funding and conducting research on the most pressing issues affecting children in Port Alberni and Ladysmith. The information collected from these reports is used to inform United Way grants and other community service providers.

We helped conduct a Point-in-Time homeless count in Nanaimo, interviewing and surveying local people experiencing homelessness. The report will inform United Way grants, other local non-profits, and policymakers.

The Ladysmith Interagency Committee is made up of organizations dedicated to working together to strengthen their network and maximize resources. Members include service providers such as non-profits, charities, First Nations and governments who serve the people of Ladysmith.

YOU Fund 47 Programs

Your donations are helping 23122 people across the Central Island this year.

Overcoming Poverty


2018 Nanaimo PiT Count_shopping cart_poverty - circle.png
  • Supportive Housing Programs

  • Cold Weather Shelter

  • Indigenous Housing Support

  • Homelessness Advocacy & Outreach

  • Restorative Justice

  • Emergency Dental Services

  • Mental Illness Support

Successful Youth
(Middle Years 7 - 24)

2018 Nanaimo SPCA camp girl and kitten  - circle.png
  • Mentoring Children

  • Summer Camps

  • Family, Teen, & Youth Centres

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Counselling & Suicide Prevention

  • Dads’ Drop-in

  • Literacy Programs

  • Food Support Programs

  • Grandparent Support

  • Developmental Disabilities Support

  • Multicultural Programs

Strong Communities


2018 Nanaimo Community Kitchens Mike and Robin - circle.png
  • Grief & Crisis Counselling

  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding

  • Healthy Cooking & Meal Programs

  • Mentoring Survivors

  • Adult Literacy Program

  • bc 211 Referral Service