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Strengthening vital connections in your community

The pandemic continues to affect communities across British Columbia. Emergency food providers are still at critical breaking points. Self-isolating seniors continue to face loneliness. Children still face economic barriers to activities and the support they need to thrive. With our partners, United Way British Columbia continues to keep communities strong, while the pandemic effects remain. 


Delivering food

A few months into the pandemic, Janet lost her job. With her young daughter to support, she was struggling to make ends meet – especially putting food on the table. Thanks to donors like you we helped Janet access United Way Food Hubs in her area and turned her pandemic story around.

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... in the Comox Valley area

Peter and his wife Anna lin were used to staying at home due to her illness but when the pandemic hit most of their supports vanished. Thanks to donors like you, Peter continues to have healthy, fresh, local meals on his table as he grieves the loss of his wife.

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Connecting seniors

Before the pandemic, Delores had a wide social circle. Self-isolation started to affect her more than she realized. She was lonely, depressed and some days, not sure how she would get her groceries. Thanks to the support of donors like you, United Way helped connect Dolores with food delivery services in her area and access to check-in calls to keep her connected.

Nedra’s story >>



... in the North Island area

Not only was Felicity and her husband disconnected from their family and friends throughout the pandemic, when her husband became ill they were even more isolated. Because of donors like you, Felicity and her husband received incredible support keeping them connected to their community in an incredibly hard year.

Felicity's story >>


Supporting youth

Since the pandemic, Kevin suffered job loss and feared the cost of returning to school would be too great. Thanks to our donors, he applied for the Youth Futures Education Fund, which provides basic living expenses for food, rent and internet for former youth in care. Now he’ll remain on track to receive an Early Childhood Education diploma in 2022, with plans to pursue a degree in social work for a better future. 

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... in the Cowichan area

Throughout the pandemic, Edith felt alone and isolated from her friends. Thanks to donors like you, we helped her connect with the support she needs to thrive and build skills that will help her throughout her lifetime. 

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