Through our research, we know that half of everybody who menstruates in BC – women, girls, non-binary people and trans folks – have struggled to buy product at some point in their life. More than a quarter have gone through a period without having menstrual products whatsoever, and nearly 15% grew up in homes where they didn’t have access to menstrual products. 

We also know that people when you don't have the product you need you can disconnect from your community.

“When I can't afford enough menstrual products, I can't go out. I was unable to go to the food bank or to a casual job (I'm disabled) because I bled for two weeks and didn't have enough pads.”
– Period Promise Research Project 


“With menstrual products I can be free to go out and be part of society. I can go for a walk, go grocery shopping do all the basic things that others take for granted outdoors. I can feel like a human being that matters... to not feel embarrassed and pathetic for not being able to afford something so simple as tampons. I can be happy and positive and productive. Thank you.”
- Period Promise Research Project

“I was homeless as a teenager and later, I was a low income single mother. I remember doing everything I could to make my supplies stretch- when I was homeless I would often steal tampons after trying to find some for free. When I was a young, poor single mother, every penny spent was towards my daughter- I would bus for hours to try to find free menstrual supplies. I would use old rags. I would wear a tampon for way, way longer than I should've. It was food for my baby or tampons, so I chose food for my baby.”
– Period Promise Research Project 



When people have access to the products that they need, it improves their health and well-being, and makes it easier for them to maintain and build vital connections. When they know that free product is available for them when they need it, it makes it easier for them to go to school or work, or contribute to their community.  

United Way’s Period Promise campaign, presented by Pacific Blue Cross, is committed to making it easier for everybody to access the product they need when they need it. Every donation of tampons, pads, cups, or underwear raises awareness, reduces stigma, and tackles the vulnerability and isolation caused by period poverty. And financial contributions help us purchase product so that we can get it to people in our local Vancouver Island communities.


The Period Promise campaign takes places from May 6 to June 3. 
It’s easy to help. Financial gifts make it possible for us to purchase tampons, pads, cups, and underwear, and donated product can quickly get into the hands of somebody who needs it.  

You can even organize a Period Promise campaign to collect donations in your community – in your school, in your workplace or union, or even a socially-distanced drop off with your neighbours. We’ve got an entire toolkit – full of printable posters and social shareables – that make that as easy as possible. 

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