Farm Re-Opens Day Programming for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

WEB SizeGreenhouse Stock.jpgWe all have value, and something special to contribute.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disconnected all of us from our communities. But for those who are already shut out from much of social life, the pandemic has been an even greater burden.

For adults with developmental disabilities, the closure of programs and agencies that support them has been extremely difficult, however, for those in the Duncan area, there has been some good news.

Glenora Farm, with support from United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island, has re-opened its day program, giving participating adults their community back, and providing respite for their families and caregivers.

The farm is a working vegetable and animal farm that produces meat, wool, dairy, various greens, candles, handicrafts and more, all with the help and hard work of adults with complex developmental disabilities (referred to as Companions) and their caregivers.

Created based on the principle that each person contributes what they are capable of, and in return gets what they need, the farm was able to continue its residential program throughout the pandemic. But it had to make the difficult choice to suspend its day programing. This meant off-site Companions could not participate in programming at the farm and reduced the services available to their residential Companions.

Costs related to enhanced sanitization and smaller group sizes meant their existing funding just wasn’t enough.

But support from United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island changed that.

UWCNVI directed funds from the federal government’s Emergency Community Support Fund to get this incredibly impactful program up and running again. In late July, Glenora Farm announced it was re-opening its day programming thanks to this support.

This is why ECSF money was provided to United Way: we know our communities, and we know what the needs are. By working together with governments and agencies in communities like yours, we get important services like this one back on their feet, and together, we remain united.

Important services like these are able to continue during this difficult time thanks to donations from people like you.

If you can, please consider donating to United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island, and help your community.