A Day Trip to Ditidaht

The long and bumpy gravel road to Ditidaht, a remote First Nations village near Port Alberni, was well worth the visit to the community school for both the Canadian Red Cross youth facilitators and the villagers.

The youth facilitators of the Beyond the Hurt Program experienced something they will never forget, and that in itself is priceless. They had never visited Ditidaht before and were incredibly humbled by the experience.

That day, 25 kids (grade 4 – 12) from the community school learned bullying prevention techniques. Many of them don’t see visitors outside the village on a regular basis so they were very excited to meet new people.

Mike Roberts, coach and Canadian Red Cross facilitator of the Bullying Prevention Program says “it was a powerful learning experience for both the youth facilitators and the children in the village.”

They got to see an assembly and see parts of the community, and were fortunate enough to visit with some of the elders. The elders were extremely pleased to learn about the efforts made to make the trip to Ditidaht and teach some powerful messages to their youth.

On the hour and a half ride home, the youth facilitators talked about how they had never been anywhere so remote and were grateful for the experience.

The Beyond the Hurt youth facilitators are selected and screened, and provided with a day of bullying prevention training to teach other students from grade 4 to 8 in the Port Alberni region.

This trip was possible because of the generous support of the United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island and Canadian Red Cross. This one-day visit touched several hundred people.