Because of you, David feels confident and joyful

2020-Vancouver Island-Boy in Front of Flowers

Your commitment helped David cope and find light again.

After experiencing a major loss, seven-year-old David struggled with anxiety. He was having a difficult time at school academically and socially. His mom registered him in a United Way funded community teen mentorship program.

“I wanted David to have a healthy relationship with a strong male role model to improve his life,” said his mom. Last fall, David was matched with 16-year-old Jared. The boys developed a special connection immediately.

Once a week, Jared travelled to David’s school to spend time with him. “Jared helped me learn new games,” said David. “We played basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse and spike ball.”

When the physical distancing of COVID-19 stopped the boys from meeting in person, they arranged to video chat once a week to keep this important relationship consistent in David’s life.

“Jared made me feel happy because he’s always there for me,” said David.

Since David has been spending time with Jared, “he’s had the best year of his life,” said David’s mom. “He’s able to better self-regulate, his self-esteem has grown, he has made friends in class, he is joyful, calmer and his academics improved.”

Thanks to you, David continues to be inspired and empowered by this life-changing relationship.

The United Way funded program that David relies on depends on your gift. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of connectedness and this concern has only increased.

With your help, we can continue to offer hope to David, donate today.