Anxiety no longer rules Sam's life

2018 Sam Cowichan.jpg


Sam had always dealt with anxiety, but it wasn’t until he entered high school that he really started to struggle.

Social pressure and a new environment were overwhelming for him, to the point that he wasn’t able to make it to class. Just the thought of going to school would send him into a panic attack. Sometimes he couldn’t leave home for days at a time because anxiety was ruling his life.

Luckily, Sam had a guidance councillor who encouraged him to join a United Way funded program for youth who were struggling, just like him. He was brave enough to say yes and fully commit himself to overcome his anxiety. Over the course of eight weeks, he participated in every activity and started to step into his strengths, gain confidence, and transform into a leader.

Because of generous donors like you, Sam was able to join a program that changed his life. He learned how to challenge his anxiety and to work through it. He also gained a group of friends who helped him feel like high school was a safe and welcoming place.

The program allowed Sam to think about his future, rather than living every moment in fear. He’s now applying for university and seeking out a job to save up for books and tuition. Sam has a very bright future, thanks to the help he received and the connections he made through a program that was funded by your donations. Thank you for helping Sam and many other youth just like him.