United Way Executive Director a Member of the New Mayor's Task Force in Nanaimo

United Way supports and works collaboratively with the local, provincial and federal governments and services agencies making a positive impact for our communities and neighbours.

Following last weeks’ City of Nanaimo announcement of an Emergency Response Centre with 35 emergency shelter spaces for self-isolation during the pandemic, Mayor Leonard Krog announced at a physically distanced digital press conference, a Mayor’s Task Force on Recovery and Resilience to address upcoming economic impacts, community resiliency and provide a path forward for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Signy Madden, UWCNVI’s Executive Director has been asked to sit on this Task Force as a non-profit representative as she has been deeply involved within community development across the island and has been working to created lasting change for our region for years. She will be working with this influential group to help bring Nanaimo back from this unprecedented time in history.

Our communities deserve a chance to thrive and our neighbours deserve to have someone fighting for them. That is what we do. By working with important community stakeholders, UWCNVI has been a key player in addressing wide-spread social issues across the region. We have been bringing together coalitions, working groups, and partnerships for years to drive solutions and effectively impact change for our communities. Today we are seeing a product of this collaborative approach to community development.

Thank you to the Mayor, City Council and staff.
Thank you to the Province and BC Housing.
Thank you to Island Health and Nanaimo Homeless Coalition and its members.
Thank you to the frontline service agencies who are tirelessly serving our vulnerable populations.
And thank you to our donors whose contributions give United Way staff the capacity to work with these partners and look beyond the immediate fix and support the long term solutions of community development.

Together we’re making a difference. Together we can create change.

Read the City of Nanaimo’s press release on the new Mayor’s Task Force, here