Life is busy and in this fastpaced world, important social issues can easily be ignored or go unnoticed. We want to change that - because if you don't know a problem exists, you can't solve it. 

United Way Canada partnered with the Pantone® Color Institute to make issues such as homelessness and domestic abuse #UNIGNORABLE by creating a bold and #UNIGNORABLE colour.  Our goal is to highlight local issues using this bright orange hue to bring attention to the challenges in our communities. Whether it's social isolation, mental health or poverty, we want to make people aware so they can name the issues and unleash their Local Love to address them.

Often these critical social challenges can seem big and complex, however, we believe that if every member of our community commits to an act of Local Love, it will make a huge difference. By coming together and addressing these #UNIGNORABLE issues, we will change lives. 

For more information on #UNIGNORABLE and inspiration on how to show your Local Love visit: