Ollie found his joy


When Ollie started with a local therapeutic riding program in Errington six years in ago, he couldn’t walk or communicate. He was born with CHARGE Syndrome – a complex sensory deprivation disorder and complex medical conditions; profound deafness, significant vision loss, a tracheostomy, a feeding tube and developmental delays. But when the volunteers put him on his first pony his world changed.

In the early days, his minimal core strength, poor balance and coordination meant he started his therapy on a small pony, that he wouldn’t touch because of a sensory aversion. It was a struggle to get Ollie on his pony but eventually, he gained physical strength, confidence and joy and even graduated to riding a full-sized horse.

Not only does this therapy program physically benefit Ollie, it has given him the gift of companionship. He loves his horse but he also has made friends with other children at the centre and has become very close with the volunteers that run the facility.

Ollie’s happiness and new found strength is because of donors like you.