A big impact with bus tickets in Cowichan

A bus ticket can be the difference between buying groceries or going hungry, getting to a job interview or not paying your bills, even seeing a doctor or not receiving medical attention.

That’s why we've partnered with the Cowichan Valley Regional District to provide free bus tickets to vulnerable populations that don't have access to regular transportation.

Because of your donations, this year we’ll distribute 6,264 tickets via 11 community agencies. That is a total value of $14,094 in bus tickets! 

Shelagh Glanville, a United Way volunteer, oversees the Transit Assistance Program (TAP), balancing reports, itemizing inventory, and distributing tickets via community agencies by hand. When hand-delivery isn't possible, RBC (one of our long-standing United Way supporters) generously allows Shelagh to use inter-office mail to distribute tickets in Ladysmith and Lake Cowichan. 

“I feel that I'm giving back to society in a way that I couldn't before,” Shelagh says.

One example of a specific family being helped by TAP is a Syrian refugee family that receives free bus tickets to travel from Chemainus to English classes in Duncan. Because of the tickets, they can build the skills needed to take part in their community.

Volunteer with United Way, and see the impact you can have locally.

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