Let’s do something about Period Poverty on Vancouver Island

Landmark research recently released by United Way gives us our best view yet into the depth of period poverty in B.C. 

New Quotes 1 Web Size.jpgOf the more than 1,600 people who responded to our survey, just over half said that they have struggled to purchase period products for themselves. And these respondents are telling us that being unable to access or afford period products has meant they stay home from school, from work, and participate less in community. 

In short, access to period products is a major problem, with wide-ranging impacts. 

But the good news is we know how to help. 

As part of the research, United Way’s across BC spent a year providing free tampons and pads to 12 community organizations around the province. It had a major impact on the health and wellbeing of those needing access to these products.  

New Quotes 2 Web Size.jpgAs one community member said, “with menstrual products I can be free to go out and be part of society. I can go for a walk, go grocery shopping, do all the basic things that others take for granted outdoors. I can feel like a human being that matters. I can be happy and positive and productive. Thank you.” 

Seeing the impact of this effort, we want to keep it going. And we need your help. 

We're launching the Period Promise campaign, which will take place from May 6 to June 3, 2021. United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island will be collecting financial donations and donated period products to distribute out to community organizations.  

In doing so, we’ll be helping your neighbours who menstruate to keep connected to their community, stay in school, stay healthy, and “feel like a human being that matters.” 

We know there is a lot of need out there in our communities, so we need your help to have the greatest impact. Please, consider donating financially. While we will be accepting donations of products, financial donations are the easiest for us to safely receive during the pandemic, and for us to convert into the needed supplies. 

You can organize a Period Promise campaign of your own in your school, workplace or union, or even set up a socially-distanced drop-off with your neighbours. 

And you can spread this message and the research showing the depth of period poverty in B.C. To remove the stigma surrounding menstruation, we need to talk about it. 

Any and all of these efforts will make a major difference to those in need in your community. For tools and information on how to take action, CLICK HERE.

Please, consider being a part of our Period Promise campaign in whatever way you can.