Human Rights Day

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December 10th is dedicated to advocating for human rights—every human 

On this day in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that each person is entitled to fundamental rights, including the right to equality and the right to life, liberty, and security of the person.  

At United Way Central & North Vancouver Island, we believe that everyone is entitled to basic human rights and we work hard to ensure members in our community have adequate food, safe housing, mental health resources, and health care. 

UWCNVI is dedicated to aiding those in need and building a brighter tomorrow for our community.  

Because of the global health crisis COVID-19, there has been an increased need for resources within our region. With the help of our generous donors and the Government of Canada, we have been able to provide community members with the resources they need during this pandemic.  

This year the theme for Human Rights Day, coined by the United Nations, is ‘Stand up for Human Rights’ and it’s focused on these rights being central in recovery efforts.  

We work with agencies from the Malahat to Port Hardy to ensure that individuals and families have what they need during this pandemic.  

  • We support food banks that provide thousands of hot meals and clean water to community members every day. 

  • We fund agencies that not only help the homeless population by getting individuals off the street, but also by preventing homelessness through programs like income support and literacy.  

  • We help agencies with PPE, handwashing supplies, and other COVID-19 safety measures that allow them to provide safe care to our vulnerable populations. 

  • We fund multiple mental health and social inclusion programs for all age groups that are help individuals and families get through these difficult times.  

  • We speak up about social issues and campaign for change in our communities. We are strong advocates and have made significant differences in communities on Vancouver Island.  

  • We care about members of our community believe that everyone is entitled to basic human rights. 

And we can’t do it without you. Through local love, your donation goes to aiding these issues in YOUR community.  

Donate here today and make a difference that has lasting effects.  



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