Hope, humanity and philanthropy in a time of crisis

When a pandemic happens, there is worry, stress and fear. But there is also, hope, humanity and philanthropy. We are already seeing how many people in our community want to help those most vulnerable.

We are amazed by the acts of kindness we are seeing across the region. Neighbours helping neighbours to buy groceries and supplies. Strangers supporting strangers as people voluntarily self-isolate to protect the broader community.

During this time of global pandemic, we’ve already seen how our lives will change - and we’ve been asked to prepare, to practice social distancing, and to make responsible decisions with respect to how we conduct our businesses. But at United Way we know that many may not be able to adequately prepare. Many do not have a support system around them if they need to self-isolate, or if they become ill.

People who live in poverty, homeless youth, seniors, and many others are at-risk. Mental health challenges are affecting us all. And those incredible volunteers - those generous people who are out there trying to help - they also need our support.

United Way has set up a Local Love – Global Crisis Fund that will help those greatly impacted during thing unprecedented time. We are already seeing donations roll in and people offering their help to make sure the people who need help get help.

As many local agencies alter their operations or close their doors, vulnerable populations are at increased risk. We are working with United Ways across the country and province to act quickly to respond to what is happening in our communities across the island. We are canvassing agencies and compiling information on what they need, what they are doing and how this pandemic is affecting their clients. By gathering this data, we are can better understand the challenges faced by our partners and make recommendations to all levels of government as to where the need is greatest.

Here are some things you can do:

-          Reach out to family and friends through email, text, social media

-          Take a moment for yourself away from pandemic news

-          Donate to the United Way Local Love – Global Crisis Fund​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

-          Donate to your local food bank

-          Share good news and positive stories

Remember, we are in this together.

For more resources and information on the COVID-19 Relief Fund visit,