The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and how we operated within it.

2020-blog post_WWD_2.jpgThe COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and how we operated within it.

It continues to have an unprecedented impact on our communities, but thanks to our donors, volunteers and many supporters – businesses, organizations, and workplaces – across Vancouver Island, United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island is continuing to pivot, develop and adapt programs that are serving the immediate needs of individuals and families most affected. 

Since the pandemic was declared, United Way’s vital network of community agencies have been working tirelessly to provide emergency support of all kinds – from food delivery to mental-health supports to the critical work of connecting people with the resources they need – to individuals and communities experiencing continued or heightened vulnerability as demand for services has increased. Your local United Way acted quickly with our partners at the outset of the pandemic to coordinate services and ensure there were no gaps in essential programs or emergency needs unmet. Through this collaborative community development, United Way offers unique support across the central and northern Vancouver Island region ensuring that everyone in your community has access to the resources they need. 

Since April, United Way Central & Northern Vancouver has:  

  • Provided funding to 151 local programs providing a range of supports including programs to address food insecurity, addressing poverty and social connectedness

  • Helped to supply 333,216 meals and food to individuals and families in need

  • Helped provide mental health supports to youth, adults and seniors 43,283 times

  • Supported social connectedness among children, youth, adults and seniors 29,828 times to prevent social isolation


While these numbers help illustrate the hard work of our partner agencies and United Way, each of these supports helped someone like Jen, Gavin and Kevin.

Along with our health care workers, first responders and other front-line staff, non-profits and community organizations are stepping up to the challenge and finding ways to safely be there for their communities. As we come to the end of 2020, we can look back and be proud of what we’ve accomplished. However, as we look to the future and the impact the pandemic will continue to have, we know the need in 2021 will be even greater.

We ask that this year you consider making a donation. Every dollar you give will go right back to your community, helping your friends, family and neighbours.