Campaign 2020 is here!

It’s that time of year again- CAMPAIGN TIME!

UW Heart - stock - circle.pngAs our team works hard to navigate the new COVID-19 terrain, we want you to know Campaign is still happening and we are here to support your work place as it shows their local love for their communities.

Our local social safety net, made up of individuals and agencies working tirelessly to help vulnerable people not only survive but thrive, is now struggling as they have to shift and adapt to the new pandemic needs and health requirements. They continue to pivot their programs so our neighbours, families, friends and colleagues can get the help they need.

As a local leader United Way, we will continue to support our community partners to be resilient through this change. This safety net needs you to ensure it’s there the next time someone falls. Your supports allows us to continue working in your community making sure everyone has access to support when they need it.

By hosting a workplace campaign you will improve local lives. The campaign provides staff with valuable fundraising and teamwork skills, allows employees to come together and bring much-needed awareness on critical issues across the region, and ultimately makes your community a better place. Connect with us to learn how your organization can start your own campaign and join over 300 different companies helping improve the lives of their neighbours.

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Your local love is needed now more than ever.