Involve Your Workplace

Make a Difference

More than 300 workplaces across central and northern Vancouver Island run employee giving campaigns each year.

These campaigns inspire employees to create real change in their community. 

Partner with United Way and show your organization's commitment to giving back. Get your organization involved and start making a difference today. 

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How You Can Help

Whether it's a one-time donation or given annually, a direct corporate donation to United Way is one of the most impactful ways to give.

Sponsor an event and help promote your brand, increase recognition and expand your network.

Start a workplace campaign on behalf of United Way and engage employees, enhance morale and create great team-building opportunities.

Lend us a talented staff member to support our fall workplace campaign. They'll learn new skills, make important connections and build-up the community where your company works.

How Does a Workplace Campaign Work?

United Way works with organizations like yours to raise money throughout the year through employee payroll deductions, one-time donations, and fundraising events. We find out what cause you’re passionate about and help you tailor a campaign that inspires your employees to give.

Workplace Toolkit

Everything you need to run your workplace campaign.

Why a Workplace Campaign?

Strengthen Your Organization

Bring your team together for a common cause with a United Way Workplace Campaign. Provide an opportunity for your employees to give back, strengthen their relationships and build morale.



Labour Union

Learn how to advocate for those in need in your community.

Getting Started

Are you ready to get your workplace involved with United Way? Contact us today!


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