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UPDATE MAY 20, 2020: As the urgency for updates slows and organizations begin to normalize their changes, fewer updates to agency services are coming through. We will cease updating these pages as of today May 20th and will remove the pages on June 1, 2020, to ensure there is no incorrect or conflicting information.


Nanaimo Region

Nanaimo - COVID-19 Agency update- May 13, 2020



The United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island will do our best to keep our communities posted of any social service agency closures/hour changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic that may impact those experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) homelessness. This list will be updated as information comes in.

Please email any updates to us at info@uwcnvi.ca



7-10 CLUB – Gord Fuller, Society Chair

  • The Nanaimo 7-10 Club Society has scaled back its service from a served sit down environment to take out only.
  • We are now offering a bag lunch, coffee and cup of soup to go Mon - Fri 7:00 to 10:00am
  • Our Saturday Partners, serving Brunch 9-11:30 and dinner 4--8, also continue to serve a takeout meal as well at the same location.
  • Provided staff and volunteers are available to do so the service will continue.


SALVATION ARMY – Major Yvonne Borrows

This situation is very fluid so changes happen very quickly. At present we are doing our best stay open and available for assistance to our most vulnerable populations.

  • Community Ministries is open from 9am to 1pm, Monday through Friday at 19 Nicol Street.
  • The Shelter is open but not taking new guests.
  • We are still providing two meals a day, lunch is by bag lunch at the New Hope entrance.
  • Dinner will have extended time, 3:30pm to 5:30pm but only 25 guests at a time.
  • The shower and laundry programs are closed.
  • We have dropped from 30 to 24 beds in the shelter, allowing us to create a sick room.
  • All group programs at the church, New Hope Centre and Bowen Rd Office have been cancelled.
  • As of this afternoon all three thrift stores are closed, there will be staff available to take in donations.
  • For those areas that are still open, we are taking measures to ensure extra cleaning and sanitation happens and staff who can work from home are encouraged to do so.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Wisteria Community Association - Tanya Hiltz, ED

  • Providing sandwiches and hot coffee nightly in downtown Nanaimo - 6pm - 8pm.
    Main location is on Wesley St. (at Franklyn St., by Harris House). Mobile locations include: downtown library, in the park across from Salvation Army, and at Port Place Mall.

Contact wisteriacommunityass@shaw.ca for more information.


LOAVES and FISHES – Peter Sinclair, ED

The safety of our clients and volunteers is our top priority. 

  • Until further notice the ONLY depots open will be Farqhuar Street depot from Monday to Friday, Neighbourhood Church depot Thursdays and Generations Church depot on Saturdays. Please see the updated depot schedule for times.
  • Food will be given in pre bagged hampers for the time being to respect social distancing recommendations.
  • Loaves and Fishes Food Bank has always encouraged those who are unable to come to our depots to give their ID to another person to collect for them. Anyone who is sick or at risk MUST give their ID to someone else to collect food for them. (photo copy of ID is OK, pictures on phones are not accepted) Those who come to collect for someone else must show their own ID as well

Other non-profits and farmers are still welcome in our warehouse during regular hours. Our supplies may be limited for a while so we ask that everyone come together as a community. Daily updates on our social media accounts and this website will be ongoing.  




  • Samaritan House UPDATE: March 30, 2020  - In order to have some social isolation it has been necessary to restrict the shelter beds at Samaritan House to 7 beds, down from 14 and the supported units, also located in the same building (Martha’s Place) down to 5 from 6 so that we have a room to use for quarantine if it becomes necessary.
  • As of March 31, 2020 our temporary shelter located at St. Peters Parish will be closing for the year, as scheduled.
  • Samaritan House (including Mary and Martha’s Place), Safe Harbour and the Bridge, Newcastle Place, Crescent House, Orca Place, and Hirst House are essential services and will not close.
  • No unnecessary visits allowed. Necessary visits include visits from Island Health employees, inspectors and other government representatives (i.e. BC Housing officials), security personnel, First Responders, and others.
    • Delivery drivers and volunteers may not need to visit, and alternative delivery arrangements may be considered.
    • Visitors to a site will be informed of the protocol and asked to visit at a later date if the purpose of the visit is not on the approved list.
    • Visits from family and friends are not approved at this time.
    • Program managers will adjust the list as circumstances worsen or improve.


SALVATION ARMY – Major Yvonne Borrows

This situation is very fluid so changes happen very quickly. At present we are doing our best stay open and available for assistance to our most vulnerable populations.

  • Community Ministries is open from 9 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday at 19 Nicol Street.
  • The Shelter is open but not taking new guests.
  • We are still providing two meals a day, lunch is by bag lunch at the New Hope entrance.
  • Dinner will have extended time, 3:30pm to 5:30pm but only 25 guest at a time.
  • The shower and laundry programs are closed.
  • We have dropped from 30 to 24 beds in the shelter, allowing us to create a sick room.
  • All group programs at the church, New Hope Centre and Bowen Rd Office have been cancelled.
  • As of this afternoon all three thrift stores are closed, there will be staff available to take in donations.
  • For those areas that are still open, we are taking measures to ensure extra cleaning and sanitation happens and staff who can work from home are encouraged to do so.


SEIA – Chantale Roelens, ED

To limit exposure to COVID 19 as of April 1 some services/staff will be working from home. This means that services and supports will be delivered via telephone and email and staff will do their best to accommodate your needs and requests. We will update the community with the phone numbers as we set our staff up to work remotely. SEIA appreciates your patience and understanding as we make these changes

Please note:

As of March 31, 2020 our temporary shelter located at ST. Peters Parish will be closing for the year as scheduled



  • We continue to be open 5:30pm - 7:00am
  • We expect to reduce our capacity to 24 beds to accommodate a measure of social distancing.
  • Visits by volunteers, contractors, tours, suppliers and other visitors are suspended until further notice. Only staff, guests, VIHA staff or RCMP will be welcome on site.
  • We have enhanced sanitization and hygiene activities and will provide hygiene and social-distancing information to our guests at every opportunity. We have acquired supplies to make our own hand sanitizers for our own use and to distribute to guests.
  • We continue to offer free showers at Caledonia Park on behalf of the City of Nanaimo... monitoring for potential for change in service.




ALZHEIMER SOCIETY OF B.C. - North and Central Vancouver Island

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is continually monitoring the situation in order to plan our response.

  • We are suspending the Society’s in-person activities for the next while – this includes Minds in Motion®, support groups and other education.
  • We will be increasing our phone outreach via our First Link® support calls and have extended the hours of our First Link® Dementia Helpline which, effective immediately and permanently, will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. to provide evening service in English. Our

Mandarin, Cantonese and Punjabi support will continue to be available between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please don't hesitate to call us:

  • English: 1-800-936-6033
  • Cantonese and Mandarin: 1-833-674-5007
  • Punjabi: 1-833-674-5003

We will also be offering webinars and providing information about dementia through our webinars (www.alzheimerbc.org)



  • Clinic Hours are 9am-5pm Monday –Thursday, operating with reduced staff. Patients must call before coming to clinic 250.754.9111
  • Opioid Agonist Therapy – Doctors are having phone appointments with patients whenever possible. New starts are welcome, just have to call the clinic beforehand to set up time.
  • STI Testing through the men’s wellness program – Currently only available for men who are experiencing symptoms. Only on Tuesday and Thursday. Please call ahead.
  • Questions about HIV and HEP C Treatment – Please call the clinic.


CALEDONIA PARK SHOWER PROGRAM - run by Unitarian Shelter

Free showers at Caledonia Park - 110 Wall St. 
Monday to Friday, 7am-10am
Towels and toiletries supplied
For more information contact: 250-668-4607 | shelter@ufon.ca



Due to the serious and growing concern of COVID-19, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Mid-Island Branch is modifying many of its programs and services to help mitigate any potential spread of infection in our community. First and foremost, our goal is to protect the health of staff and participants while still supporting social connections.

It’s essential to remain a strong community and rethink how we can offer support to ensure the health and well-being of our participants, staff, volunteers and supporters. Everything we stand for is about connecting people to the community. The circumstances we are facing will not stop us from doing that, but it will change the way we do things for now. Based on the latest information received from the BC Ministry of Health and Government of Canada, CMHA Mid-Island is taking the following steps to continue its most critical programs, effective immediately until further notice:

As of March 18, 2020

Social Centre:

  • The Social Centre will close indefinitely as of Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
  • We are exploring other means of staying connected to participants through this time.

Peppermill (Courtenay)

  • Closed until further notice

Employment Support

  • All employment support services will be delivered by telephone or online means.


  • Housing support remains unchanged at this time.
  • We are discouraging visitors unless they are providing assistance and are asking health screen questions before entering.
  • Focus on supporting those with underlying health challenges who have chosen to self-isolate.

Overdose Prevention

  • Site hours and service remain unchanged - 7 days a week 10:30 am - Midnight
  • Limiting the number of clients in the space to those who are using substances or being observed post use.

Homelessness Outreach

  • Service hours remain unchanged. Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm.
  • We are limiting transport where possible.
  • We will continue to visit encampments and support people to have their basic needs met.

We intend to operate Housing, Overdose Prevention and Homelessness Outreach throughout. We will communicate any modifications or changes as the scenario progresses.

We are also asking for everyone who can to reach out and connect with a few people they know but haven’t spoken with, particularly those who live alone, or have health conditions. There is no risk in phone calls, emails or texts… and we need to keep our community connected.



  • Forward House is helping to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 Virus threat.
  • Due to the health issues around COVID-19, Forward House closed to the public on March 19th. Since that time, we have reduced staffing levels to ensure we are adhering to physical distancing guidelines and ensuring their safety at this difficult time. However, as an essential service in Oceanside, we recognize the importance of continuing to support our clients through this time, as well as ensuring the house is ready to open when the time is right.
  • Our staff members have given our Parksville house and Dragonfly Den a deep cleaning and have taken care of some organizing and painting work that needed to be done. We are also replacing worn-out flooring in the kitchen, dining room, office, and staff washroom. The closure has given us a unique opportunity to catch up on these much-needed tasks without further disrupting client service.
  • We have continued to support clients through daily phone calls and limited outreach support. Our phone lines are still open to the public, and staff members are answering phones and responding to messages on a daily basis.
  • Starting March 31st, we began booking 1:1 client sessions in the Dragonfly Den using strict physical distancing protocols. We hold a total of up to five client appointments each day, Monday through Saturday, each separated by 15 minutes for sanitizing purposes. A bag lunch is available to each of these clients.
  • Some additional supports have been put in place on an individual basis, according to need.
  • Please note: the house is not open to anyone without an appointment.


HAVEN SOCIETY - Dawn Clark, Program Director

Haven society is instituting the following measures:

  • We have suspended all groups until further notice
  • Program staff will continue to provide altered services during regular business hours.
  • Outreach Services will ensure that clients who need housing supports receive them in a timely manner.
  • Program staff in all programs are reducing in-person appointments and offering telephone appointments for clients and phone consultations for call –ins
  • In order to ensure the well-being of our residents and staff at our Transition House in Nanaimo we have temporarily suspended intakes until further notice
  • Our 24-hour crisis line is in operation and will continue to provide telephone support



The Housing Team at the Nanaimo Region John Howard Society have identified and are implementing the following:

  • Housing Staff will be working from home after Wednesday the 16th. We will be available both by email and cell during our regular operating hours (8:30am-4:00pm). We will still be able to access our voicemail from the office lines.
  • We will be suspending in-person meetings such as vulnerability assessments.
  • Housing staff will be reducing our in-person case management with existing participants to telephone contact. We will continue to support existing participants who do not show symptoms in getting basic needs met, such as grocery shopping, prescriptions, or medical appointments.
  • We have increased our sanitizing kits for prevention in our outreach vehicles when transporting participants.

For more info on our Housing Team’s activities, contact Andrew Ferguson, Housing Manager, Nanaimo Region John Howard Society, 250-668-6300 or Andrew@johnhowardnanaimo.org



All staff that can work from home are doing so. Those staff that are working in any public sphere are doing so whilst keeping in mind social distance, and in larger spaces where they are working and ensuring appropriate use of cleaners, gloves etc. Everyone is available by phone, email or text to stay in communication with each other.

  • Offices for tenant interface have been closed and any urgent matters re tenants, are to call our emergency line that is managed by Telelink.
  • Housekeeping staff are staying out of personal suites and spaces and focusing on high touch locations on all our 17 sites including common spaces etc.
  • Maintenance staff are working on emergencies only if the matter is in a tenant’s personal space. Each matter is dealt with on a case by case basis. Their focus has been shifted to projects, getting suites ready for turnover, etc.
  • Kitchen has been closed at our Buttertubs site with meals being delivered to suites. The kitchen staff is also working to prepare and freeze as many meals as possible in the event the kitchen becomes closed due to staff illness etc.
  • We are working to keep ongoing communication and updates for tenants, posting on a regular basis in all common areas of all buildings including laundry rooms, elevators, lobbies.

For direct information on general operational matters, contact me at andrea.blakeman@nahs.ca. For tenant matters our Manager of Tenant Relations is Jay.Stewart@nahs.ca



Throughout NARSF Facilities

  • Increase sanitization, notices and precautions

Child/Family and Adult Programs (EDP, DVRP, LIFT, SAIP)

  • Social distancing measures in place (minimum 2 meters)
  • Telephone appointments where possible
  • Office open, clients asked to stay home where ill

Outreach Programs (MHO, YSP)

  • TranSportation of youth in hiatus
  • Appointments in the community where possible

Transitions (Youth withdrawal and supportive residential)

  • Operating, no new additions to group until further notice

Harris House and Mobile Health Outreach, CVIHRS

  • Until Friday, individual drop for harm reductions at Harris House
  • Social distancing measures in place for Mobile Health Outreach
  • POC/STI testing, showers suspended until further notice

Linked to Treatment

  • Social distancing measures in place
  • Supporting alternative arrangements for transportation
  • Community appointments where possible.



Suspended until further notice:

  • In-person client services (Support is offered by phone or video conference)
  • Client Coffee Groups at NBIS and at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • Volunteer activities and meetings
  • NBIS community events and workshops
  • NBIS staff are available during our regular business hours, Monday to Thursday, 9:00am - 4:00pm by phone or email
  • NBIS staff are working from home starting Wed. March 18



Nanaimo Family Life supports social distancing. Our immediate protocol is:

  • We are offering the option of telephone counselling
  • Our staff are working from home
  • Our office hours are reduced to 9:00am – Noon.
  • We are continuing to serve all seniors CURRENTLY enrolled in programs through NFLA who require grocery shopping, prescription pickup, transportation to medical appts.
  • We are cancelling all our Workshops for Healthy Relationships
  • Senior social/health and wellness programs are cancelled
  • Although our office hours are reduced, staff are available during regular hours via email and phone (9 – 4 pm).



The steps we have taken at Nanaimo Hospice are as follows:

  • The Hospice shop is closed until further notice.
  • We have cancelled all group programs at hospice house until further notice
  • We have cancelled all in-person counselling. Counsellors will contact their clients to provide over the phone counselling support.
  • As per the Health Authority directive, all PCU volunteers are required to suspend their involvement at the PCU effective immediately.



NYSA launched a “Youth Support Coach” contact service during the COVID-19 crisis. For youth who have questions about COVID-19 or enquiries about how to keep both themselves and the ones they care for safe, NYSA has opened a dedicated online messenger, phone line and e-mail service to support youth.

  • A NYSA “Youth Support Coach” can be contacted via: talk@nysa.bc.ca or m.me/NanaimoYouthServices or 250.754.1944.
  • The messenger service will be staffed 24-hours per day and the e-mail/phone line service staffed during business hours.
  • NYSA has also launched a “YouTuber” video on “COVID-19 and Youth”, as a way to help youth to be guided on wellness behaviours during the pandemic. This YouTuber can be accessed at: https://youtu.be/_qWtflZCy7c

NYSA Central and NYSA Comox Valley offices:

  • To follow government guidance on “social distancing”, our two main offices will be open for business while closed to public access. Youth can contact NYSA for supports via telephone or Internet

BladeRunner classes:

  • The current BR training in Nanaimo will be ended two-days early, on next week Wednesday, March 25, 2020, and the next BR intakes for both Nanaimo and Comox Valley will have slightly later start dates.

Employment Keep It:

  • With a number of trainers having cancelled their trainings of this week and over 70% of participants in Nanaimo away today with sickness or other matters, EKI is filling-in-the-blanks with substitute trainers or trainings toward the goal of completing the EKI trainings in Comox Valley and Nanaimo by their existing completion date of this coming Friday. Later “work experience trainings” will be scheduled as/if appropriate as determined by each EKI location.

NYSA Youth Housing:

  • Immediately implementing enhanced cleaning protocols, which include enhanced cleaning of hallways and washrooms and communal table/surface tops, and ensuring easy access by residents to hand-sanitizer. Reminders will be displayed in each complex to remind residents to practice “social distancing” as a safety measure during the pandemic and for residents to be required to immediately report any unusual coughs/fever to Housing staff.

Supportive Living Program:

  • Will offer supports to youth with minimal physical contact and primarily via telephone or Internet during the pandemic. SLP Youth will be fully supported at this time using “social distancing” techniques and protocols. Food supports, if provided, will be dropped off at a client’s door. The details on the actualization of this approach would be specifically determined by NYSA's SLP team.


PACIFICA – Maggie Hertzberg, Manager of Supportive Housing

  • Our frontline staff are continuing to work on-site at our Supportive Housing buildings. However, our Mobile Outreach workers are no longer transporting our tenants for appointments and other outreach unless absolutely necessary. Our tenants could use transportation/outreach supports for this reason.
  • Our Uplands Walk supportive housing is currently closed to guests and while not a drop-in centre, we typically do have a fair number of homeless folks staying in the North end visiting our tenants for food, somewhere to stay etc., so there could be some increased homeless outreach need up there as our doors are closed.



COVID-19 affects all of us, but for many people living with spinal cord injury (SCI), this novel virus is especially terrifying.

Close interaction with multiple caregivers, daily reliance on now-scarce medical supplies, and complex medical conditions have created some well-founded fear and anxiety in our SCI community. The cancellation of public events has left even the most connected in our community feeling isolated and uncertain.

In light of this, SCI BC has been quick to adjust and adapt our services and programs to respond to the changing environment. We have made the following changes to provide the support needed at this time:

  • All in-person events and groups have been cancelled throughout the province.
  • We are reaching out to check on our members. So far, frontline and administrative staff have called more than 450 of our members relaying information about COVID-19 and offering important personal outreach.
  • Our Information Services staff have answered 140 calls and emails in just one week – an increase of 280%.
  • We are hosting online events every weekday to help members stay informed and to stay connected.
  • Our blog is updated often with resources for staying physically and mentally well during isolation.
  • We are working with our partners in BC and across the country to inform the provincial and federal governments of the unique challenges people with disabilities are experiencing during the pandemic.
  • We have increased the amount of communication on our social media channels and have responded quickly to all comments, messages and concerns.

As SCI BC’s staff members do their part by working from home, observing social distancing and washing their hands, we also continue to provide much needed information and support to our members throughout the province. We will adjust our services as needed and are committed to keeping the needs of our members at the forefront of all decisions.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We greatly appreciate your support at this time and truly hope you are doing well and staying safe.


THE MEN’S CENTRE – Theo Boere, Community Education Coordinator

Although the Centre has been closed to the public since mid March, we are continuing to run a number of programs. We are answering our phone and checking messages regularly.

Current Programs Running:

Personal Counselling
Online, Phone, Zoom, Skype
Contact: Jonathon or Will at

Seniors Reach Out
By Telephone, Zoom, Skype  
Weekly check-ins for seniors. Food and medicine delivery
Contact: Paola Flores - Program Manager

Online Self Care Group
Tuesdays and Thursdays
3:00 pm - 4:00pm in Zoom
Contact: jonathon@themenscentre.ca

Dealing With The Dragon
Next online course: June 6th, 7th & June 13th, 14th
To Register - Contact: shannon@themenscentre.ca 

Boots to Suits
Referrals only on a case by case basis
Contact: shannon@themenscentre.ca 

Supervised Access
Referrals only on a case by case basis
Contact:  tammy@themenscentre.ca

As to when we will re-open to the public:

We will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will be poised to re-open the Centre to the general public as soon as provincial and federal health authorities recommend it to be appropriate.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Take care everyone.






During these trying times we are reaching out to find and support those indigenous people who would benefit from some extra support. Our team is trained in crisis debriefing and suicide awareness, as well as counselling and all, have an extended clear criminal record check.

  • We are available via phone and online to lend support. We invite you to contact on behalf of yourself or of someone you know. We will be providing all supports from a safe social distance at this time; but would enjoy a conversation or a “phone” visit.
  • We also have a facebook “friend” Rebecca Rhsw and a page TTLL RHSW SUPPORT and a group TTLL RHSW SUPPORT; these are available to help keep isolation at bay! Join us for chats, sharing songs, positive news and “facts not fear”
  • If your location has set up a safe distance visiting area ( such as via phone through a window etc) we would be available to visit through such a device. Our team can also deliver ( via non contact such as leaving by a door or on a porch) indigenous medicine such as cedar bows and small medicine bundles.
  • We encourage any indigenous person staff or resident to call 250-268-2463 or visit our website
  •  Also, we want to remind any of our indigenous people that free counselling is available through FNHA · FNHA counselling list



 All Mental Health & Substance Use teams are operating with some adaptations to meet the recommendations of the Provincial Health Officer.

  • Community Outreach Response Team continues to operate 7 days a week from 0830-2100
  • Substance Use Outreach Team continues to operate 7 days a week from 0830-1700
  • Case Management & Assertive Community Treatment team continues to operate, focusing on essential services
  • Crisis Counselling Clinic at Brooks Landing & Intake Services has moved to telephone service only Mon-Fri 1000-1800
  • Baron’s Road MHSU Counselling Services has moved to telephone service only Mon-Fri 0830-1630
  • Harm Reduction Supplies are available through outreach services
  • Food & Water & Basic Needs are available through outreach services



We are still operating our sites as they are 24 staff operated, however, we are not allowing guests or visitors to our Boundary Supportive Housing or our Gateway/SIL programs.




The Foundation office is closed and we are continuing to work from home to ensure there are no interruptions to the programs we provide. I wanted to update where the Foundation is at with Food4School and how we are intending to continue to provide this valuable program to vulnerable students.

With extended school closures, we are very concerned about the students who access school feeding programs (we provide food for over 650 every school day). We have been working closely with the District to modify the way in which we were previously providing food. At this time, we are very pleased to share that we will be providing emergency breakfast, lunch hampers to students who are affected the most during these challenging times. There are many details still to be worked out to ensure the safety of everyone involved but we are optimistic that we will have things in place soon.


SCHOOL DISTRICT 68 – Bernadette French, Community Schools Coordinator

  • K-12 schools in BC suspended indefinitely·
  • All spring break programming has been cancelled
  • We have been directed to work from home
  • Hew cleaning crews have been added
  • Hand sanitizing stations being put into every school
  • Renter and user groups in schools cancelled


UNITED WAY CENTRAL & NORTHERN VANCOUVER ISLAND – Nicole Benson Communications Director

  • Our staff are busy working hard to help our communities. We are mobilizing our resources to best serve our communities and help to keep our neighbours safe and healthy. To stay engaged with our work follow our updates on Facebook, visit our website and sign up for our e-news.
  • Most staff are working remotely and can be reached by email during regular office hours. Our office line will be monitored and answered 250.591.8731.
  • All UWCNVI events, meetings and site visits are cancelled or postponed. We will host as many of these events through teleconference as possible.
  • We are working closely with United Way Canada and other United Ways in BC to talk to federal and provincial funders to see if more resources can be made available for our hard-working agencies in our region.



  • VIVRS continues to provide Employment Services for people with diverse abilities through WorkBC during this challenging time, including accepting new clients.VIVRS office remains closed, however all staff members are working from home and continue to provide services virtually.
  • For general enquiries contact: vivrs@shaw.ca or call 250 7534225
  • For new clients contact: WorkBC Nanaimo at 250 714 0085 or visit WorkBC Employment Services at www.workbc.ca
  • You can also follow us on Facebook for employment and various tips that might be helpful during this crisis  or visit our website www.vivrs.ca