#Unignorable campaign highlights critical social issues

2018 United Way Canada Page

Social issues can be easy to walk right past and ignore. Ultimately, we know we can help solve them by engaging people to show their local love to those in need in their community. But first, we need to get their attention.

So this year United Way Canada has partnered with the Pantone® Color Institute to make the issues unignorable by creating the most unignorable colour in the world. This bold orange hue is the inspiration for a bold new United Way #unignorable campaign launched this fall to bring attention to social issues that impact millions of Canadians.

Watch the #unignorable campaign video

“Radiating pure heat and energy, this instantly captivating brightly coloured hue captures you with its stimulating spark of light,” says Laurie Pressman, VP Pantone Color Institute®. “The Unignorable colour boldly calls out for attention while remaining friendly, approachable and optimistic.”

Here on Vancouver Island

Poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health and social isolation are just some of the issues that challenge our communities and hold back too many people. “Unignorable” draws our attention to these issues and compels us to act by making these local issues relevant, topical and most importantly, Unignorable.

Help solve the #unignorable issues in our community. Spread kindness.

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