Nanaimo municipal candidate forum informs voters on key issues

2018 Nanaimo all candidates forum.png

Many of the candidates who consulted with United Way won seats in our municipal government.

Undoubtedly, the hottest topics in Nanaimo’s municipal election this fall were affordable housing and homelessness. To ignite discussion between voters and politicians, the United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island and the Nanaimo Coalition to End Homelessness hosted a Candidates’ Forum in October and more than 400 people attended.

As part of the forum, the candidates were asked to answer questions about their understanding of the issues, how they plan to take action, and whether they endorse the City of Nanaimo’s current action plans: Nanaimo Community Plan to End Homelessness and the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Strategy. We posted the candidates’ responses to these questions on our website before the election.

Several candidates consulted Signy Madden, our executive director, as they developed their platform on affordable housing and homelessness. Voters told us they were able to make better-informed decisions when they went to the polls.