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Vital Signs report

Vital Signs


Vital Signs® is a regular check-up conducted by community foundations to measure the vitality of communities across Canada. It gathers and publishes data on significant social and economic trends in areas critical to quality of life.

Objectives of Vital Signs®

Social planning involves a number of activities and services that help analyze the cultural, economic, physical, and social well being of a community that often relates to social development issues such as housing, food security, cultural heritage, sense of community, community services, and accessibility and mobility.

Track and analyze significant quality of life issues (like housing, food security, cultural heritage, sense of community, community services and accessibility and mobility) locally and nationally

Produce reader-friendly data on community needs and strengths

Use that data to generate discussion, inform policy change, focus community leadership activities and encourage philanthropy.

Comox Valley Vital Signs 

United Way in partnership with the Comox Valley Community Foundation and the Comox Valley Social Planning Society launched the first of an ongoing series of Comox Valley Vital Signs initiatives. The Comox Valley Vital Signs Steering Committee created an online survey for Comox Valley residents to collect public perceptions on quality of life. Over 1,000 responses were received from Comox Valley residents. Throughout the spring and summer the Comox Valley Vital Signs Steering Committee worked with a professional research company to develop the report and gather relevant data from many sources, nationally, provincially and locally. 

United Way will use the information from the Vital Signs report to help determine social issues, trends and what issues require additional resources in the Comox Valley. 


Comox Valley Vital Signs Partners 


Nanaimo Vital Signs 

United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island (UWCNVI) has a continued partnership with The Nanaimo Foundation and the City of Nanaimo in producing Nanaimo's  annual Vital Signs report.

Nanaimo Vital Signs is sponsored by Island Savings and supported by Vancouver Island University, this community check-up will identify Nanaimo's strengths and highlight areas in need of attention.

Download the 2015 Vitals Signs: Nanaimo's Annual Check-up

Download the 2014 Vital Signs: Nanaimo's Annual Check-up (pdf file).

Our Nanaimo Partners

Nanaimo Foundation logo Nanaimo logoIsland Savings logo

This project tested by community foundations across the country is an important tool that allows us to engage with the community in order to increase our understanding of Nanaimo's issues and trends and what our key priorities should be going forward. Vital Signs is part of a national initiative that was launched in 2006 by the Community Foundations of Canada. 

Nanaimo's Vital Signs will annually identify trends and assign grades in 10 key areas that are critical to Nanaimo's quality of life:

Standard of living

Safety and security




Getting started

Getting around

Arts and culture



Reading report

Your United Way - Helping Thousands of People Each Year

You never know when you, a family member, a neighbour or a friend may need help facing a crisis such as a sudden death in the family, overcoming a long term issue such as addiction or rebuilding your life after an injury. By donating to or volunteering at your local United Way (UWCNVI), you can ensure that in your time of need there will be an effective social program available to you in Nanaimo. Just as important are the prevention programs United Way funds such as those helping vulnerable children and their families or teaching anti-bullying or suicide prevention programs in the schools.

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of thousands of caring community members, this year United Way is helping thousands of people through 83 life-changing programs in our region. 

The Vital Signs report gives United Way insight into our community's strengths and highlights areas and issues in need of attention. This in turn guides how we invest our donor's dollars to best strengthen our community. Thanks to our partners the Nanaimo Foundation, Island Savings and the City of Nanaimo. 


Vital Signs Reports in other Communities 

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