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Designation Donations


UWCNVI has allowed for donors to designate their donations to charities other than those we fund, but in order to be accountable to our donors we are moving away from that model.


Why is United Way moving away from designations?

United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island is moving away from designations for a few reasons.

Donors want to know in detail how their contributions were used and how they help the vulnerable in our communities. Because of this shift, United Way has moved away from designations mainly because we cannot report back to donors on the use of the dollars at a charity we do not fund.

United Way is a leader in community investments, ensuring the dollars are focused to where they are needed most. When grants are given to organizations for specific programming there is a certain level of reporting to which the receiving organization must agree. When the dollars are strictly for designations to other organizations, this reporting is lost and United Way is unable to report on the use of funds back to the donor.

If a donor would like to designate a portion of their gift to an organization we do not fund, United Way will still certainly honour this donor choice. 

Donors who give less than $100 may not designate their donation. Donors who give $100 or more may choose to designate to a CRA registered charity other than UWCNVI and this designation must be clearly stated on their pledge form. Donors who give more than $100 may designate to one charity per $100 of their donation. See the Q and A on the First Monies In policy.


Instead of designations, a Donor can give to one or several charities that UWCNVI funds through its grant program.

Rather than donate to support all of the programs funded by UWCNVI this year, a donor can choose one or a few charities that UWCNVI funds. These charities are called Community Partners.


A few examples of why United Way is moving away from designations:

We cannot track how the monies were used.

We do not receive tracking and reporting of the clients served, evaluation methods used, the quality of the program or organization and so on. These are all expectations of funded organizations or Community Partners. This move is a part of the Outcome Measurement Model to which we have recently moved.

United Way ensures that dollars are not invested into duplicate programming. We fund many organizations that might not otherwise be able to fundraise due to resources or because they are of a difficult subject matter.

Lastly, United Way works very hard to research the local social needs and, as a community leader, to invest donor dollars into those needs.

Some of the expectations of Community Partners are:

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding

Interim and Final reporting

Site Visits by our Community Investment Committee and or Community Impact Council

Evaluation Training

Fiscal responsibility through sharing financial reports of the program and or organization


Can I still designate my donation to other charities?

Yes, the option of designating to specific agencies is an added service United Way provides to our donors. Agencies must be Canadian registered charities. United Way charges a fee if a gift is designated to cover the costs associated with this service.

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